Golden Visa

Interested in a Golden Visa? Know how to purchase

Kendall & Associados, Porto, Portugal


The “Golden Visa” (Residence Permit for Investment Activity or “ARI”) is a Portuguese state measure that makes it easier for investors from non-EU countries to choose Portugal as a residence.

The ARI can be acquired by purchasing real estate, transferring capital or creating jobs in Portugal, and requires regular stays on Portuguese territory.

ARI investors may:
  1. Reside in Portugal
  2. Work in Portugal
  3. Travel to the 16 countries in the Schengen area without a visa
  4. Apply for a Permanent Residence Permit in Portugal
  5. Reunite their family in Portugal
  6. Apply for Portuguese nationality by naturalisation
Please visit the Foreigner and Border Service (SEF) website for more information about the “Golden Visa”/ARI.