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Golden Visa

Interested in a Golden Visa? Know how to purchase

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The Golden Visa Program is a scheme to attract foreign investment into Portugal, once acquired, the investing individual can travel to all Schengen countries without a visa, this can also be extended to immediate family of the said individual.

To qualify for this scheme one of the following options is required to be executed, Real estate investment, if in residential zones there have been limitations made to only allow investment in specific given areas, also must have a value of minimum EUR 500,000 even in non residential purchases.

Unless it is 35 years old or in a regeneration program that is approved. Another option is Capital Transfer which has many options within that, an example is an investment sum of EUR 500,000 into a scientific institution that is approved under the national scientific and technological system in Portugal, there are multiple other options with the same intentions as this. The final option is the Creation of Employment with a minimum of 10 permanent jobs in Portugal.

The investment threshold is one of the lowest in Europe but it also gives the individual an opportunity to then become eligible for the NHR regime. The benefits of this program are that you do not to relocate to the country but instead spend 7 days within Portugal in the first year and 14 in the second.

The process does not even need to be done entirely in Portugal, the only requirement is the individual must be present for the handing over of documentation and other data to Portuguese Foreign Services.
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